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'Put simply, Yvonne is a transformational business development coach. Whilst I had the knowledge in the area I was looking to develop, namely educational technology, I had very little understanding on how to turn this into a business. Yvonne discussed a clear strategy (both short, medium and long term) and the operational elements required – I was then able to create an action plan accordingly. Yvonne highlighted which industries to ‘tap into’ (as the rewards would be greater by doing so). She has brilliant knowledge of the most cutting-edge approaches to use (such as the latest software) and is very knowledgeable regarding the latest trends. Importantly, she has a strong theoretical background to support her passion and experience as a business coach, therefore her approaches are evidence based. As a result, I now have a high-quality website, logo, business cards and various social software accounts to promote my business - as well as a first significant contract!


In addition, Yvonne is a brilliant communicator who listens carefully and then offers pertinent, constructive and timely feedback. Moreover, she has an excellent attention to detail, which is demonstrated in the websites she has created (as well as the comments she provides). I recently had a ‘top up’ session with her, where she outlined some next steps involving the company’s social software content. This included updating my website’s interface and blog,then linking this with LinkedIn. Having made Yvonne’s suggested updates, my website saw a 210% increase in visitors in the last month. Yvonne has some excellent contacts and I am so grateful that she organised and facilitated a meeting with another company director - something that would not have happened without her input. Yvonne, is very driven and motivated – which has spurred me on! It feels like I have an extra colleague working alongside me, giving the company extra strength and dynamism. I can’t thank Yvonne enough for her skill, determination and humour!'


Ollie Kendall, E-Learning Consultant, TLT. Oct. 2018

'Yvonne has been absolutely incredible! After a brief meeting with her I was immediately impressed by how quickly she understood my needs. I can be a little shy/awkward when meeting new people so I was amazed at how quickly I connected with her, all thanks to her caring and friendly, yet professional manner. Yvonne’s attention to detail and meticulous approach has helped me move from a completely stuck place - she walked me through a process that I was having difficulties with and made it seem effortless. I cannot recommend Yvonne enough to anyone needing advice and guidance. Thank you SO much Yvonne!'

Vikki Adenis, Training Manager, September 2018

'Yvonne has been my business mentor for over two years and without her valuable input the growth of my business would have been quite slow and limited. We frequently meet face-to-face and have regular email and telephone contact. Yvonne has excellent listening skills and is able to sift through my many thoughts and ideas with regards to the direction of my business.  When we initially met I was asked a number of questions and completed a simple questionnaire. Yvonne had clearly researched my business sector as the questions were directed specifically towards my industry.

After a couple of sessions Yvonne prepared my Marketing Strategy. The report was clear and concise with an initial summary indicating she understood my business needs and a subsequent sections detailing suggestions.  Each suggestion detailed the business purpose and benefit my business would experience from implementing it. The suggestions were well presented, logical and beneficial however, Yvonne did on occasion meet with a little resistance from me! When she did she was able to clearly explain and discuss her reasons behind the idea.  I have implemented most, if not all, of Yvonne's suggestions, even those that I challenged and the results have proved her to be correct!


Yvonne provides an empathetic, approachable, professional, and articulate approach to, creative problem solving. She is efficient, organised, patient and has many years of business acumen. You will succeed if you choose to utilise Yvonne's mentoring skills!'

Kim Noyce, Complementary Therapist, Complete Balance. February 2018.

'Great meeting yesterday with Yvonne from Alchemy Squared as I begin the task of setting up a new business.  Yvonne was assisting me in a business mentoring capacity and was really helpful, digging into preparations made so far and offering encouragement, advice and referrals as appropriate.  In areas where I was less clear over my direction, her external point of view, together with exploration of who I was and what I was trying to achieve helped cut through confusion and establish clear next steps.  However, it wasn't so much just instruction, but also helping to draw out pieces of what I already knew and draw them together into something that made sense and could work for me.'

Roger Harrison, Design Manager. January 2018.

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