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Alchemy2 provides coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I can help you to develop and transform your business.

Based in Sussex, I can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to grow your business; from strategic planning to brand analysis and development. I love to work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups to support them realise their dreams at an affordable price.

From the initial meeting, I will look at the big picture and help you to set goals, identify opportunities to improve customer engagement, drive sales and make savings. This agile approach means that you make the changes that are right for you and your budget. Using my extensive knowledge of customer experience strategies I can support you to make your business more accessible, efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Whether it is a small change or a complete makeover, a one-off task or long-term strategy management, I can help.  I can also support you to design written content and training material to enhance accessibility and increase engagement.

'I wanted to provide my appreciation to Alchemy2 for the excellent work in creating presentation material, and session design for 60+ management consultant post-graduates at Warwick Business School'



Services include:- 

  • business coaching

  • business strategy & planning

  • brand strategy 

  • UX 

  • business efficiency & restructuring

Awareness of your brand story and positioning allows you to effectively develop your marketing and grow your business. By using the Lean brand recipe I can help you to understand your brand identity and look at ways to tell your brand story to your customers. Capitalising upon you USP is key to making your business stand out in a busy marketplace. 

Want to rejuvenate your existing business brand to drive revenue and increase profits? I specialise in developing a bespoke strategy brings clarity and accessibility to your brand.

How is Alchemydifferent? I want to empower you to take control of your business by giving you the tools and training to run your own online presence, manage and develop your brand identity and move your business forward.

I have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you make your ideas a reality.


Your brand says everything about you. Let's chat 

about branding 

that will capture and showcase 

your unique style.


 I can help you to identify what makes your business 

unique, and how to communicate this effectively to your clients.


Got bigger things planned for your business? If you’re looking to really elevate or transform your business, this is perfect for you.


Capture your unique style and keep your brand consistent by letting Alchemy2 

take care of all your graphic and web design needs.

Let's make the magic happen

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