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Providing advice, guidance and hands-on 

support to achieve your business goals

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Hello, I’m Yvonne Wilson.

I provide targeted, practical support

to people who are passionate

about creating a successful business.

My mission is to help create more successful, sustainable and profitable businesses through strategic planning, market analysis, brand development and innovative ways of working.

As a rare business manager-teacher hybrid, I am knowledgable about the strategic and practical aspects of running a business as well as being experienced in supporting others to achieve their potential.


I can equip you with the skills, knowledge and practical tools you need to grow your business and develop your team.

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Your business can be operating well but may have lost direction; a strategic business plan can help you take things to the next level.  Identifying a clear path with measurable targets can accelerate your business success.


A business plan is critical to raising additional finance but it can also help you to find ways to exploit untapped markets and increase profitability. 

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Achieving maximum efficiency is the key to profitability. A clear and detailed strategy can help you take control of your business,  identifying potential markets and the most appropriate channels enable you to target your resources where they will have the most impact. ​


My network of experts can help to implement systems to maximise your time and profits.



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I can manage a project from planning to through implementation. You might be  looking to launch a new product or service or initiate a change in your company. I can help you to conduct feasibility studies, create detailed budget and resources plans. Select, lead and motivate project teams.Identify and mitigate risks and produce detailed reporting. After ensuring a successful and timely delivery and I will conduct post implementation reviews.

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Talking about your business plans and aspirations can really bring clarity to your thinking and help you to see what needs to happen next.  I can mentor you to achieve your business goals through face-to-face meetings or via the web.  


By asking the right questions, providing an objective perspective and prompting you to take action, together we can ignite your business spark. 


Working together


From the initial meeting, I can help to give focus on the big picture and guide you to set goals, identify opportunities to improve customer engagement, drive sales and make savings. This agile approach means that you make the changes that are right for you and your budget.


Using knowledge of customer experience strategies I can support you to make your business more accessible, efficient and ultimately more profitable. Using a Lean approach means that I can help you to develop your brand and online presence in a way that is sustainable and cost-effective to ensure you are making the most of your business, investment and time.

Using business analytics I can support you to achieve optimum efficiency through business process management and UX analysis to help prepare your business for the future. I can also show you how to capitalise on data to enhance CRM and increase revenue.


 If you are just starting out I can help you define your business idea to identify your customers and their needs. Together we can create a targeted business strategy, digital presence and marketing plan. 

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Established businesses 

For businesses that are already up and running, I can help you revisit and update your strategy and further develop your business goals, brand and team to take your business to the next level. 


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I am a creative and commercially minded Business Manager, bringing a subtle blend of clarity and vision anchored by proven business theory.


I have over 25 years of experience in business, finance, management, marketing and training having worked within international finance, the technology sector, SMEs and education.


My specialities are identifying and exploiting areas of untapped profitability and business process redesign to improve UX (user experience) and business efficiency.


I have a First class honours degree in Business Management (BSc)  specialising in digital marketing and e-commerce innovation and received the University of Brighton’s Digital Marketing Award in 2017.


Qualified in coaching, mentoring and teaching, I have utilised these skills in education, industry and charities to support others to achieve their full potential. Underpinned by a sound knowledge of business processes I am passionate about using my experience to help entrepreneurs to excel and succeed in their journey. 

I am also a qualified Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace instructor and support employers to create mentally healthy workplaces and wellbeing programmes, learn more

Thank you for your interest in working together. I believe your business should celebrate what makes you unique.


Being an entrepreneur is anything but the ‘safe’ or 'predictable' way to build your future. It takes courage (and sometimes sacrifice) to step out of your comfort zone and jump into the great unknown, to follow your dreams, take a different path, to go it alone, to build a business of your own from nothing


I’d love to hear about your business or project and discuss how we could work together, so either complete the form or drop me a line at

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